Nate Zale’s Zale Media helps Thousands of US Based Real Estate Agents Automate Their Businesses

Zale Media is currently becoming a force to be reckon with in the digital marketing space for real estate professionals.

Started in 2016, Zale Media has developed one of the most up to date & robust marketing systems to help real estate professionals generate new clients and become the local celebrity agent in their local market ... something all agents strive for.

We asked Nathan Zale, Zale Media's current CEO, how the company started. He explains the system provided by Zale Media is the exact same system he used to grow his real estate company to over 7-figures in just 2 years. After his success & feedback from his peers, he realized the system he developed was something all real estate professionals wanted and needed.

From our conversation with Mr. Zale, here are the 4 major highlights of the system he sells:

#1 Lifetime Access: Agents are simply tired of being tied down to long marketing contracts. Our system is a one-time cost system for lifetime access. Our clients are in control of how much they spend each month in ads and have full control over their system.

#2 Qualified Leads: One of the biggest problem’s agents face is unqualified leads. There are thousands of people looking to buy and sell real estate but only 2-3% are serious about moving forward within 2-3 months. Our system automatically qualifies every lead the agent receives so they can focus their time on client success, not prospecting.

#3 Multiple Channel Marketing: At this point in time, most real estate agents have tried using Facebook for lead generation with both good and bad experience but haven’t experienced the power of multiple channel marketing approach. For only $10-15/day, they can have a multiple channel, celebrity life, advertising campaign targeting local buyers & sellers ready to take action.

#4 A Strong Guarantee: Nathan made it very clear to us that he understands the marketing struggles of new and experienced real estate pros. His system is backed by a 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee if customers do not close a deal in the first few months with his system. It is that simple.

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