Develop Your Full Potential With Coaching

To make learning happen we should practice, right? Most top athletes become winners because they engage every day in improving their skills and abilities. This is also true for soft skills.

To become confident, it is necessary to stand in front of people and articulate your thoughts. To achieve your goals you should spend daily a decent amount to act towards your desired outcomes. Nothing happens if you actually do not approach it pro-actively. To be as truly effective as your abilities in any role, you must constantly analyze your behavior, face relevant questions, and think about what you have to offer, and work continually to improve your skills.

One of the most powerful methods to develop yourself is coaching. Coaches provide a supportive and motivating environment to explore what each person needs in life and how to achieve their efforts to meet their needs. Coaching is one way to better understand yourself and set long- and short-term goals. It is important for clarity and focus. Regularity and practice is then the next step that is necessary for a positive change.

Another powerful method to build a habit of growth and self-improvement is journaling. Writing into a diary will increase self-awareness and foster the assessment of your skills, strengths, and weaknesses. By investing 10 minutes every day you will be able to leverage on your goals and improve yourself. At the same time, you can detach from consuming news or surfing through the internet and use the time to think, reflect, and articulate thoughts.

Both coaching and Journaling will help you to recover and appreciate your emotions. You will detect what impacts you and understand what matters. This self-discovery will improve your ability to make small and large decisions better. With this act of articulation, your subconscious mind will start to discover and proceed through challenges to enhance your learning process. Eventually, lead to work out problems and get insights while you reflect and write about the things you're learning.

If you understand yourself you have the main tool to move from being a good to become great. Your personal knowledge, experiences, and learning combined with ongoing coaching and journal are a powerful ambition. Of course only if you are willing to listen, reflect, and willing to imelement the changes.

Now here is the problem. Besides having to find the right coach, it will be also a big investment. On average a 1-hour coaching session costs US$ 270 per hour. Not for everyone and not for every day.

Also writing your daily diary may seem difficult, as you might lack inspiration and the right questions to answer.

How about to get coaching with the help of artificial intelligence and a nice app?

How about having human-like daily coaching sessions with a chatbot instead and auto-generate your personal conclusions and intentions for your bullet journal without much effort and a lot of inspiration?

This solution exists: It is 'the coach in my pocket'!

Digital coaches are an affordable shortcut to access coaching methodologies in your daily routines. Rocky helps you to improve yourself by defining your daily goals and reflecting on the outcomes in the evening. Rocky is a chatbot, simple as that. But Rocky also delivers bite-sized tutorials related to your current challenges. Rocky will ask you about new learnings, your top priorities of the day, and check-in for the positive wins of the day. After every 5 minute chat, Rocky will determine a mindfulness score and recommend your personal tip of the day as well as a set of intentions and follow-up activities for your bullet journal. is an award-winning app and was crowned as a top pick for education and social impact at Techcrunch Disrupt in Silicon Valley.

You can start by choosing a topic out of the catalog of for example confidence, communication, priorities or even managing your emotions.

Find out more at or download the apps for free.